Pioneering the Future
of Regenerative Living
Through Technology.

The operating system for regenerative communities.

The Global Challenge

Environmental degradation, caused by centralized food production and unsustainable land management, necessitates an urgent shift toward localized food production, soil restoration, improved water retention, and biodiversity preservation.

We see villages as the dormant powerhouses ready to become the socioeconomic hubs spearheading the regenerative transformation.

Native community token

By helping land based communities to ussue a Native Token, we enable them to provide access rights to members. These tokens can be either earned through active participation and contributions or purchased directly.

Proof of Presence

Proof of Presence is our game-changing feature that tracks and rewards your active participation within a community. The more time you spend, the more Presence you collect, and the more influence you have in decision-making. It's your passport to a richer, more connected community experience.

Proof of Sweat

Proof of Sweat is an innovative approach that rewards members for their active contributions to a project. By quantifying the work and effort put in, it grants members greater influence and recognition within the community. This system ensures that the more you contribute, the more impact you have, fostering a more engaged and productive environment.

At Closer, we envision a
future where
regenerative villages
emerge as the
guardians of ecological

Through our platform, these communities not only gain the knowledge and technological tools but also the social capabilities needed to track and drive positive impact on the environment. By becoming sovereign holders of natural assets, they harness the power of data, sustainability practices, and community collaboration to steer the course toward a more regenerative world. We empower communities to actively steward change, forging a sustainable and harmonious relationship with the land they inhabit, ensuring a legacy of lasting ecological prosperity.

Our Current Product

Our current product empowers regenerative communities by enabling them to issue utility tokens for access rights, fostering regenerative living and land stewardship.

Integrated Events & ticketing platform

A powerful tool that enables regenerative communities to seamlessly organize and manage events within their ecosystem.

Community management & subscriptions

Community Management & Subscriptions facilitate revenue generation for communities by granting access to digital content, including online courses, and enhancing overall community engagement.

Proof of Presence Governance

Proof of Presence Governance empowers community members to influence decision-making based on their active participation within regenerative communities.

Token Based Access to Physical Spaces

Token-Based Access to Physical Spaces provides seamless entry and resource utilization within regenerative communities through utility tokens.

Our Journey Ahead

In the coming years, Closer is poised to revolutionize how regenerative communities access and manage shared resources, enabling a global network of sustainable, cooperative living spaces.


2 active villages

5 under development

Increased Utility

Financed tokens

Snapshot integration


10 active village

10 developments

Blockchain upgrades

Improved Proof of Presence

Celo migration to L2 rollup

Enable multichain deployments

Cross village data sharing

Using Murmoring or other protocol to propagate public events etc to the network

NFT skill & memberships badges that are transferable

Proof of Regeneration


20 active village

20 under development

Village token index

Partner with IndexCoop to release an index of Closer enabled communities

Snapshot integration

Token swaps

Provide liquidity for cross village token trading

Meet the Innovator

Our diverse team of passionate individuals brings a wealth of experience in technology, sustainability, and community-building, united by a shared vision to drive positive change through Closer.

Sam (Founder)

Sam, the founder of Closer, is a pioneer in the regenerative village movement and has over a decade of experience in both corporate and startup environments, driving forward the mission of regenerative living.

Vlad (Fullstack Dev)

Vlad, a seasoned full-stack interface developer, specializes in creating intuitive and user-centric digital interfaces, ensuring a smooth and engaging user experience.

Marvin (Web3 Dev)

Marvin, our web3 developer, leverages his experience gained at Curve Labs to enhance the technological backbone of our platform, bringing innovation and robustness to our regenerative ecosystem.

Daneel (UX Lead)

Daneel, our UX designer, is dedicated to shaping user-friendly and regenerative systems, drawing from a background of experience with organizations like

Marek (Product Manager)

Marek, our product manager, combines deep expertise in web3, DeFi, and DEX with a strong commitment to regenerative communities.

UI Designer

Fullstack dev


Head of sales

Driven by regeneration? Whether you're looking to fund impact driven technology solutions or pioneering new communities, we need you. Connect with Closer and shape a future where technology serves nature.

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